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Hybrid Battery Replacement – How Long Before I will Need A New Hybrid Battery?

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How Long Before YOU Need A Hybrid Battery Replacement?

By Mark Stone – Reporter for ABC Hybrids – February 14, 2020

     According to industry analysts, hybrid batteries start to become a risk when they’re 10-15 years old and they’ve covered 120,000 – 150,000 miles. When they do need to be replaced, this can become an expensive proposition. According to Green Car Reports, Toyota MSRP hybrid battery replacement costs start at $3,649 for  a 1st Generation Toyota Prius and run as high as $6,353 for a 2011-2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. 

According to Popular Mechanics, all hybrid batteries wear out over time, but several factors influence when that happens…….battery chemistry, the number of charge and discharge cycles, even humidity. Your Prius carries a 8-10 year, 150,000 mile warranty on the hybrid battery. You’ll notice two things when it’s time for a new battery pack: The engine will run almost constantly, even under light acceleration, and your fuel economy will drop significantly.

Cheaper Options

     However, there are other cheaper options. According to Torque News,  you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can buy a reconditioned Prius battery for between $1,500 and $2,000, from Amazon or other internet sites. Generally, about three to four hours of labor are expected to be requited for battery replacements, and most sellers that offer you a battery, want the old one back. So don’t do anything crazy like remove the battery, and somehow discard it.

     Hybrid battery costs are falling sharply with increased production according to Consumer Reports but overall, hybrid cars have be found to be “very reliable and inexpensive to own” according to consumer surveys.


According to howstuffworks, although (hybrid batteries) may seem like a big expense, car makers are set on reducing prices. Why would they do that? It comes down to this: Basically car manufacturers want their products to succeed. Failures in performance hinder that success, so most hybrid batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the automobile. The state of charge, temperature and longevity are carefully managed by automakers who know full well that any setback could throw a wrench into the still relatively nascent hybrid market. Therefore, hybrid car manufacturers have taken every precaution to insure hybrid battery reliability.

Hybrid Battery Repair

   “Very reliable indeed.” according to Al Martens,   Hybrid Battery  Automotive Technician for ABC Hybrids who stated: “We have replaced hybrid batteries in many Toyota Prius and Camry models, as well as many Honda Accord and Civic models with mileage in the range of 300,000 miles, and some with more than 500,000 miles on them, and with a hybrid battery replacement, they run like new again!” Keep up the good work Al!

By Mark Stone – Reporting For abchybrids.com

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